Themeyear 2016 “Handicraft between Yesteryear and the Future”

The 2016 Kulturland Theme Year presents traditions and historical examples of old handicraft in Brandenburg, thereby promoting public awareness of handicraft. Yet not only “the old” but also “the new”—namely, handicraft’s innovative spirit and its current and future potential—are this year’s focus. Indeed, handicraft has a future and is offering young people in the region many professional prospects.

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The 2016 Theme Year features the unmistakable professional profile of the artisan with all of its varying cultural and creative characteristics.

Small artisan businesses preserve traditional skills and cultural heritage. What is more, they continue to develop and adapt to today’s society’s needs and standards and make a significant contribution to the formation of regional identities.

With its rich program of events, Kulturland Brandenburg 2016 looks in detail at the traces and facets of handicraft, offering an attractive array of cultural tourism activities for Brandenburg’s residents and visitors alike. Brandenburg’s guests can look forward to interesting exhibitions, films, concerts, contemporary visual art, lectures, readings, hands-on activities at artisan workshops, as well as informational workshops, excursions, and academic conferences:

– Regional handicraft in the past and present is the focus of exhibits at the Baruther Glashütte Museum Village and the Lehde Open-Air Museum.

– Textile handicraft is on exhibit at sites such as the Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte (House of Brandenburg-Prussian History) in Potsdam and the Dommuseum (Cathedral Museum) in Brandenburg an der Havel.

– The brick trade and pottery are the project themes of the Glindow Brickworks, the Veltin Oven and Ceramic Museum, and the State Archaeological Museum in Brandenburg an der Havel. The Dominican Monastery in Prenzlau turns its focus to handicraft in historic preservation and restoration.

– With its event series “Handicraft in Music—Music in Handicraft,” the Kammerakademie Potsdam (Chamber Academy Potsdam) adds a special highlight to the 2016 Theme Year. This series offers workshop concerts and workshops primarily intended for our younger guests.

Handwerk Brdbg 2016 (116)_prWe invite you to explore Kulturland Brandenburg with its new and even surprising events for 2016, meet exciting people, and experience Brandenburg handicraft in all its diversity.

The opening event for the 2016 Kulturland Brandenburg Theme Year, “Handicraft between Yesteryear and the Future,” is open to the public and will take place on May 20, 2016 at 2:00 in the Baruther Glashütte Museum Village. We hope to see you there!