Theme year 2018

Europe in Brandenburg–Brandenburg in Europe

Wortmarke 2018Kulturland Brandenburg wants to help Brandenburg’s residents and guests closely experience Brandenburg’s cultural heritage and cultural diversity. Every year, the Kulturland Brandenburg Theme Year brings together many partners who conceive and organize artistic and cultural projects based on an annual theme bridging the fields of science and research, tourism, and cultural education. In 2018, the Theme Year’s focus is the European cultural heritage in our region. “Our Heritage. Europe in Brandenburg–Brandenburg in Europe” is the overarching title of projects scheduled for 2018. These projects will shed light on our common, unifying roots and values and the breaks in our shared (European) history. These perspectives will provide our guests with a rich experience of our area’s cultural heritage.

Europe’s current image is largely shaped by its crises: Brexit, the lack of consensus in the European Union on how treat the refugee question, the euro crisis—or the rise of anti-European parties. That which we share and that which unifies us—the European Idea—seems to be endangered. And yet, Europe can be found everywhere—also here in Brandenburg.

The 2018 Kulturland Brandenburg Theme Year complements the European and Federal initiative, “European Cultural Heritage Year 2018—Sharing Heritage.” This initiative has been launched by the European Parliament, supported by the European member states and the Council of the European Union, and backed by numerous institutions and civil initiatives. The ever-shifting patterns of settlement and farming, European influences introduced by immigrants, and close relationships to European partners had and continue to have a special impact on Brandenburg—and a greater impact than on other regions in Germany. This European dimension will come to the fore in the scope of this Kulturland Theme Year.

This Theme Year’s focus comprises projects and events which show that borders can be overcome, which create awareness of our shared and unifying heritage, and which aim to preserve and showcase this cultural heritage. In this respect, projects will be initiated and fostered that enable young people to take a critical look at Europe, discuss their views with their peers, and, ultimately, to become ambassadors of the European cultural heritage and the European Idea.

The official opening of this year’s Theme Year will take place on May 18, 2018 in the Neuzelle Monastery: the baroque architectural wonder will be celebrating its 750th anniversary.