Theme Year 2017

Theme Year “(Con)text and Consequence: Luther and the Reformation in Brandenburg”

An interesting new 2017 Kulturland Brandenburg Theme Year will provide you with a unique perspective of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Even though Brandenburg was not the main home of the Reformation, historical events important for the Reformation unfolded in what is now the Federal State of Brandenburg. The Reformation, sparked by Martin Luther, also had profound consequences for the March of Brandenburg and shaped not only the daily life of those alive at the time but also later developments in Brandenburg-Prussia.

500th anniversary of the Reformation

The Reformation was not a sudden, revolutionary moment but rather a gradual process that was also in contradiction with itself. Its roots lie in the Late Middle Ages and, over a longer period of time, it encompassed processes of development of a new religious confession. In order to pay proper attention to the many factors involved in these processes, the Reformation in Brandenburg will be the focus of the 2017 Kulturland Brandenburg Theme Year, “(Con)text and Consequence: Luther and the Reformation in Brandenburg.” The consequences of the Reformation on the daily life of the people—on their religion, their values, their way of life, and their social relationships—will come to light against the background of local and regional conditions and developments. In this context, the eventful processes of the Reformation that simultaneously held fast to past norms and made new developments possible will come to the fore.

Unique Perspectives

The Brandenburg Society for Culture and History (non-profit LLC)—with its two “pillars,” the House of Brandenburg-Prussian History (Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte) and Kulturland Brandenburg—has selected core themes and developed various venues for this Theme Year together with many partners in the Federal State of Brandenburg. Taken together, these core themes and events comprise a rich and diverse program. Indeed, Brandenburg places emphasis on cooperation and a search for historical traces; on a unique perspective of Luther and the consequences of his teachings on Brandenburg’s past and present.

Launching of the Theme Year

On May 5, 2017, the 2017 Kulturland Brandenburg Theme Year will be officially launched in St. Mary’s Church in Frankfurt (Oder), parallel to the exhibit “Townspeople. Pastors. Professors.” This exhibit is being held in St. Mary’s Church, St. Gertraud’s Church, and the Museum Viadrina from May to October and gives you the perfect opportunity to (re)discover the City of Frankfurt. After the Elector’s conversion to Lutheranism in 1539, the City and its university became a central hub of the Reformation. This was also due to the City’s confident citizens, who had become followers of Luther’s teachings at a very early stage.


The 2017 Kulturland Brandenburg Theme Year invites to come discover people, places, and artifacts that will help you to better comprehend the Reformation’s traces in and consequences for Brandenburg. Come discover Brandenburg’s rich cultural-historical treasures and learn about their historical importance. This Theme Year offers a special opportunity to learn more about the origins of our society, our values, and our beliefs—regardless of religious conviction.

Download schedule of the first half year – in german language – here.