Theme year 2015

“preserve – use – shape. Landscapes in Transformation”

Überleiter 11 (Ilse-Kanal) vom Großräschener See zum Sedlitzer See, © Kulturland Brandenburg 2015, Foto: Frank GaudlitzKulturland Brandenburg 2015 will incorporate the theme of the German Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) in the Havel River region, “From Cathedral to Cathedral -The Blue Ribbon of The Havel,” and thus transmit this theme to all corners of Brandenburg. This is the first time that the BUGA will take place at five sites, crossing both city and state boundaries. By incorporating the BUGA theme in its projects, Kulturland Brandenburg will closely examine the development and future of cultural landscapes in a broad thematic context.

We have all grown up in a particular cultural landscape. Yet regardless if we consider this landscape to be “beautiful” or “gray” and “dismal,” these cultural landscapes are our home. They are the link to memories not only of our early childhood and youth; of friends, parents, and relatives; but also of those cities, towns, and regions that so impacted our lives at such an early stage.

Blönsdorf, © Kulturland Brandenburg 2015, Foto: Frank Gaudlitz A cultural landscape is usually inert: while heaths develop over millennia and forests evolve over a century, a settlement pattern had already been evident in the late Middle Ages with villages and cities. And yet, landscapes not only represent continuity. They can also be transformed rapidly–be it with the change of the seasons in a matter of months or when pastures are suddenly overrun by a flood a mere number of days.

This rapid change holds especially true when people leave their mark on these landscapes. For time and again, strip mining, ditches, solar photovoltaic power plants, industrial parks, dikes, wind turbines, or fallow fields and depopulated areas are transforming our cultural landscapes faster than ever before, breaking abruptly with the continuity that once seemed eternal. And regardless if they are for industry, leisure, or environmental or climate protection — these landscapes are multidimensional, extremely diverse, and always a reflection and expression of our times.

Windpark Kyritz-Plänitz-Zernitz, © Kulturland Brandenburg 2015, Foto: Frank Gaudlitz 	The 2015 Theme Year investigates which concrete effects and challenges Brandenburg is faced with concerning climate change, demographic developments–especially in the peripheral, rural areas–and ecological and economic shifts in many areas and sectors. These topics are reflected in the key questions the numerous projects pose: “Which major challenges face Brandenburg’s cultural landscape?” “How will Brandenburg’s cultural landscape be shaped, maintained, and further developed taking the current structures into account?” The projects also seek to answer questions such as how we want to live in Brandenburg in the future and which ideas are required to achieve this standard.

The projects in this Theme Year Kulturland Brandenburg portray different facets of “landscape,” inspire and educate their audiences, and pique their participants’ interest in “(experiencing) landscape.” These projects thus comprise a wide-ranging program of events featured in many artistic venues. These include exhibitions, media projects, literary events and film screenings, performances, concerts, projects in towns and cities–and much more.

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Public Opening Event: 2015 Theme Year Kulturland Brandenburg
Date: May 16, 2014, 3:00 PM
Location: Branitz Park and Castle

We cordially invite you to rediscover Kulturland Brandenburg and go on your own personal journey of discovery.

Your Kulturland Brandenburg Team