Kulturland Brandenburg has made the motto “(Re)discover Brandenburg—with us!” its mission—because Brandenburg has so much to offer. Precisely this cultural and und regional diversity is what the umbrella brand Kulturland Brandenburg wants to bring closer to Brandenburg’s residents and guests. In its function as an overarching campaign, Kulturland Brandenburg conceives and organizes cultural, yearly theme-oriented projects in Brandenburg in cooperation with a wide array of partners who are active in science, (cultural) education, and/or tourism.Every year, the association Kulturland Brandenburg e.V. issues a call for proposals to individuals, institutions, and initiatives active in Brandenburg’s cultural sector to participate in the current theme year.One of Kulturland Brandenburg’s primary conceptual goals is to design the yearly themes with a historical reference, a contemporary historical perspective, and current topics. This goal takes shape in the various projects via historical figures, authentic sites and events, and the social, sociological, political, and economic contexts in Brandenburg.Former themes include 1998 “Theodor Fontane” and Zisterzienser (“Ordo Cisterciensis”) in Brandenburg”1999 “300 Years of Prussia”2002 “Romanticism”2003 “Europe is Here!”2004 “Landscape and Gardens2005 “Heaven on Earth. 1000 Years of Christianity in Brandenburg”2006 “Horizons. Kulturland Brandenburg 2006 | Architecture”2008 “Province and Metropolis—Metropolis and Province”2009 “Freedom. Equality. Brandenburg. Democracy and Democratization Movements”2010 “Mut & Anmut (Courage & Grace’). Women in Brandenburg-Prussia

2011 „Modernity in Film, Art, and Architectural Culture“

2012 „Listen to reason! Frederick II. of Preuszen“

2013 „playful and earnest – earnest and playful. childhood in brandenburg“

2014 „PRUSSIA – SAXONY – BRANDENBURG. neighboring regions in transition“

2015 „preserve – use – shape. Landscapes in Transformation“

Kulturland Brandenburg thus sees itself as a network of cultural networks. Agencies and individuals in Brandenburg’s cultural sector enter into a dialogue via this central network, thereby establishing sustainable regional and thematic networks. Kulturland Brandenburg therefore fosters interaction between agencies in Brandenburg, between projects in Brandenburg and institutions in other States, and even on an international level.

Additional core tasks of Kulturland Brandenburg include not only the comprehensive marketing for the Theme Years but also on-site support for agencies and individuals in the implementation of their projects. What is more,Kulturland Brandenburg offers project managers advice in terms of content and securing third-party funding.